About us

“From a small printing machine in the basement to a fully vertically integrated company, discover our unique story.”


Empire Carpets International NV is a Belgian textile manufacturer specialized in floormats. Our story began in 2006 with big volume trading of standard, uniform mats and rugs. Soon after the start-up, the founder and CEO of the company, Pieter-Jan Degandt, was the first to spot a market opportunity for a new type of floormats and he started with a small printing machine in the basement of his parents.

From that moment, picking up trends and setting the market standards has been very important for us. The past 10 years this characteristic has helped us growing into the company we are today. Every day we look for new developments to ensure new trends. 



Being a fully vertically integrated company, and thus having control over the manufacturing process from tufting to printing and from coating to packaging, we can offer our customers a superior flexibility and quality.

Combined with a dynamic and motivated team that strives to give a highly personalised customer service, we are able to quickly anticipate the ever changing market.




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