With our three core values below we want to realize our ambition on a daily basis.

"We want to be a trendsetting developer, reliable manufacturer and privileged supplier of floormats in Europe. With our three core values below we want to realize our ambition on a daily basis."


  1. Quality

    Quality control is a fixed component in every step of our production process. Our main goal is to ensure that our manufactured products meet the mandatory standards. In addition, we attach great importance to responding to specific requirements per customer. More information regarding our quality management system and policies is available upon request, please contact info@empire.be.

  2. Customisation & flexibility

    Thanks to our divers and rather small team, we are very close to our customers and we can respond quickly to their questions. With our team, we always map out the needs of the customer and respond to this. Our entire process from request to after-sales service is fully customer-focused.

  3. Innovation

    We anticipate new customer demands by constantly investing in new machines and working methods. The market is evolving rapidly and that is why continued investing is one of our core values. We always try to find new market openings and opportunities to offer our customers the latest products.


We have three core values: quality, customisation & flexibility and innovation. We are constantly investing in these aspects to satisfy our customers.


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